IPO 2021


This section is only available in Swedish. Please contact ir@wicketgaming.com with questions and inquiries.

Wicket Gaming AB är ett publikt aktiebolag som lyder under svensk lag. Bolagets styrning utgår från svensk lagstiftning, främst den svenska aktiebolagslagen (SFS 2005:551) samt andra relevanta regler och riktlinjer. Eftersom Bolaget inte är noterat vid en reglerad marknadsplats omfattas bolaget inte av den svenska koden för bolagsstyrning.

Bolagets kortnamn “ticker”: WIG

Kontaktperson för IR och relaterade frågor: Eric de Basso, ir@wicketgaming.com



Pris per aktie SEK 7
Pre-Money Värdering SEK 19,1 miljoner
Emissionsvolym SEK 19,1 miljoner (möjlighet till SEK 2,1 Miljoner i övertilldelning) 
Post-Money Värdering SEK 38,2 miljoner (vid full övertilldelning SEK 40,3 miljoner) 
Antal aktier i erbjudandet 2 727 338 aktier (plus ev. övertilldelning 300 000 st aktier) 
Teckningsåtagande SEK 14,75 miljoner, motsvarande 77,3%  av erbjudandet
Användning av kapital
  • 37% Operativa kostnader
  • 35% Färdigställande av Cricket Manager
  • 28% Marknadsföring
Teckningsperiod 21  juni – 5 juli 2021
Planerad första Handelsdag 22 juli 2021 på Spotlight

Q&A (English)

– What’s Wicket Gaming about and who are the people behind it?

The company was founded in 2015 and have since then been working exclusively on developing our gaming platform and the game Cricket Manager. We have a team with wide experience and a big passion for the industry of F2P games, especially in the sports genre.

– There are thousands of mobile game developers in the world. What makes Wicket Gaming unique and stand out from the crowd?

Our business idea is to focus on sports that have low competition in the genre of management games. We have a clear focus and it has to do with the fact that it is within the genre of management games that we have found a gap to fill. We have identified Cricket to fit into that description as the sport is positioned in an unexploited part of the gaming industry, it has very low competition and a huge fan base.

– Alright, you have started with the Cricket Manager game, what about the competition? Any direct competitors?

The only direct competitor worth mentioning in the genre of management games within Cricket is called Hitwicket. The game is developed by an Indian developer, but it seems that they have moved on and started developing casual sport games instead. The biggest competitor to our knowledge is Nordeus that launched the soccer manager game Top Eleven in 2010 and has more than 230 million downloads. We see a huge possibility to take that spot for the sport Cricket.

– How does your game differentiate from the competition and how are you planning to win the hearts and minds of the customers?

The competition is, as mentioned above, more or less non-existent. With that said, we are aware that we still need to make an attractive game in order to make it successful and attractive for our users in the absence of significant competition. Without a competitor there is still a challenge for us to identify the necessary aspects and needs to reflect in the game which wins the hearts and minds of the customers. We believe that by focusing on a faster phase inspired by casual games is one way to approach it. We’ve put a lot of effort into improving the graphic design as well as underlying optimizations in features adapted to shortened loading times in the game, etc.

– Are you planning to create and launch more games in the future and when?

We are planning to leverage our scalable game platform for more management games that will shorten the time to market. Our plan is to start developing a second game shortly after the global launch of our first game Cricket Manager.

– You started your go-to-market strategy with India which is a billion dollar market for games as you’ve mentioned in investor presentations. Why India and what’s your customer acquisition strategy, cost and how soon are you expecting to generate profits?

There are several reasons why India is a market we focus on in our strategy. India is the fastest growing country in the world for mobiles and is expected to grow with 50-80 million new mobile users per year. The technological development within the mobile industry is rocketing in the country. Cricket as a sport has been labeled almost as religious and the combination of a fast growing mobile market with a big population and an extreme interest in cricket is very appealing to us. The price on user acquisition from performance marketing (Facebook ads, Google ads) range between 0.50 – 1 sek per install. We expect to get good ad revenue as well as revenue from in-app purchases fast after we go global.

– Which are your next potential markets?

Our core markets for our Cricket Manager game are India, UK, Australia, South Africa Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Cricket is also growing as a sport in the USA and Europe where the USA had an estimated Cricket fan base of 30 million in 2020. In Europe, Daniel Weston who originally is from Australia but currently lives in Germany, has created a European Cricket League that is growing with interest all over Europe.

– What are Wicket Gaming AB’s biggest challenges?

Our biggest challenge so far is to get our game ready for the global launch. By analyzing extensive sets of data we’ve moved from the soft launch – we are optimizing the game further to be optimal for the Indian market. The Indian market is different compared to the tier 1 countries such as the UK, and Australia etc. in light of the fact that the internet infrastructure is not as stable as in those countries and mobiles are mid-end/low-end devices. Our focus is also to implement a lot of rewarded ad options in our game because Indian (tier 3 countries) tend to pay less and watch more ads.

– What are your biggest achievements so far?

Our biggest achievements are that we have built a technical mobile games platform for management games and our first game, Cricket Manager, will soon be ready for a global launch. We are also on the verge of going through with an IPO and take on the forthcoming growth journey as a listed company. The listing gives us access to the capital market and a certain kind of a quality stamp which makes it easier for us to attract investors and increase our branding exposure regionally and globally.

– Looking ahead, where will Wicket Gaming AB be in the next three to five years?

We aim to offer some of the most popular management games based on our platform for mobile phones, and the biggest will most likely be Cricket Manager due to its focus on the second biggest sport in the world. But we have ideas on other sports with low competitiveness within the mobile sport management game industry. These are ideas that will be due to develop and add to our game portfolio.

– You are currently running an IPO to raise up to 19,1 MSEK, how are the funds being allocated?

Operational costs – 37%

Game development attributable to the launch of Cricket Manager – 35%

Marketing, including user acquisition – 28%

– Lastly, is there anything you would like to tell investors that are having a look at Wicket Gaming AB?

Our main vision is to create the world’s most popular Cricket Manager game. The work to create Cricket Manager has also included the development of a scalable and solid platform that lays the foundation for the development of other games in sports. It gives us a very short distance to develop new games. The market potential for Cricket Manager is enormous. The F2P gaming model is growing so fast as mobile phone use in the world increases, especially in India and other less developed countries that are on the move. As much as a fifth of the world’s population lives in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, where Cricket has almost been labeled as religious. The fact that Cricket is the world’s second largest sport in terms of 2.5 billion fans is not to be forgotten and leaves an enormous possibility for Wicket Gaming to capitalize on growth opportunities.