About Us


Wicket Gaming AB is a Swedish mobile game development company. The company has an experienced team with extensive knowledge and experience from the dominant business model in app stores, free-to-play (“F2P”). Wicket Gaming has a strong focus on mobile games (iOS, Android) with its upcoming Cricket Manager game.

Cricket is the second largest sport in the world, after football, with over 2.5 billion fans globally. The game is positioned in a still unexploited part of the gaming industry, in a geographical mobile market that is growing extremely fast. Cricket is most popular in countries such as India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, where the availability of mobile devices and the internet is increasing avalanche. In addition to these countries, cricket is also popular in England, Australia and New Zealand. As a sport, it is growing in popularity in both the United States and Europe.

Wicket Gaming’s vision is to become a world-leading developer of F2P manager games for mobile devices in the sports genre and now considers itself facing the opportunity to become a clear global market leader. Games like Top Eleven, an F2P manager game for football, have over 200 million downloads and are very profitable. Top Eleven has about thirty competitors in the football genre, but the corresponding competitors in the cricket genre are extremely few and none as lavish as Cricket Manager.


Eric de Basso
Eric de Basso

Born 1974. In the Company since 2018.

Educated Master of Business Administration, authorized accounting consultant with a special focus on the gaming industry.  Eric has worked as CFO for Inferno Online and during his years, inferno grew to become the world’s largest gaming center.


Jan Grigo
Jan Grigo

Born 1978. In the Company since 2021.

Educated Master of Business Administration from Stockholm University.  Jan has extensive experience from the financial industry and international business, including working at SEB, Scania Finans, EKN.  Coming next as Regional Manager at Aros Kapital.


Markus Söderlund
Markus Söderlund

Born 1983. In the Company since 2017.

Long of experience in development in the genre of sports manager F2P games and were former chief developers at the giant Betways e Sport venture.